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A term used to describe anal sex. A guy penetrates (sticks) a butt (back). It is used to disguise the dirty words usually describing this action and is often used when (normally heterosexuals) are humorously speaking about anal sex.
Did you backstick that chick last night, Hermie?
- Yea, haha! I got in, went for it and dug in real deep.
by Andras November 02, 2007
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This term is used in a game of football (soccer) when the ball is played in the air to the far side of the opponent's goal in order to score. It is used by mainly strikers and wingers and they scream this when running towards the far post of the opponent's goal as they are demanding a cross ball in the air to be delivered to them.
we would have won if Edward scored from Daniels backstick
by backstickboi June 12, 2017
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