Another name for a person's anus.
If you don't shut up I'm gonna make you eat that plate with your Back Mouth.
I was fucking this chick in the Back Mouth the other day and she started convulsing. It looked like a toothless horse eating a carrot.
by RobTZ84 July 17, 2011
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When, during oral sex, the penis only reaches the back of the mouth & doesn't ever enter the throat. This could be due to the penis being too short or the girl refusing to take it deeper.
"She's terrible at blow jobs... She tried to give me head, but she refused to deep throat me, I got some 'back mouth' at best!"
by Law-BooGiE January 06, 2012
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To talk back to someone while being a smart ass. Something an old fashoned grandma would say, along the lines of "Dont sass me"
Christian was very hateful on the phone with the nurse, so she yelled "Dont back-mouth me!" and hung up on him.
by strawberry0666 May 14, 2007
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The anus, commonly covered by a layer of hair called the anal beard. also known as;
- Bum hole
- Ass hole
- Back-eye
Shaniqua loved to take it up the batty. "Oh yeh, you love it in your Back-Mouth don't you, you dirty girl!"
by BenseCabs May 26, 2011
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