Wishing you were “normal” and straight when you are feeling gay.
Jack: I heard Sara has Internalized homophobia, I don’t get why she hates gay people.
Tom: She doesn’t hate gay people, she just never thought she would be gay and has Internalized hate towards herself.
Jack: So she’s not homophobic?
Tom: No, she’s just scared.
by aj.thehuman October 22, 2020
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An outward projection of homophobia as a coping mechanism for internal conflict with one’s own sexual identity.
Mike pence hates gays because he’s probably gay. #internalized homophobia
by Friskykittytitty January 12, 2019
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When a cis man goes to any lengths to bring up and/or defend Elon Musk, other billionaires, Joe Rogan, transphobes/homophobes, crypto-bros or any other weird incel.
Man, Ted really has some internalized homophobia to work out. He's so obsessed with Alex Jones and Donald Trump.
by Barbea November 19, 2022
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