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When babysitting, the babysitter, usually a teenage girl between the ages of 14-18, spends the entire time talking to guys and neglecting the child/children she is getting paid to take care of. And, once that child/children have been put to bed, the babyslutter proceeds to invite her boyfriend over and make out with him on the family's living room couch.
Mom 1: Oh Sherri, did i tell you about the new babysitter that Bob and I tried out last night?

Mom 2: No, Janice you didn't.

Mom 1: Well, we came home to find her cavorting with her boyfriend on our living room couch! Bob took $15 dollars off her salary for it. And the next day, the kids told us all she did before they went to bed was talk on our phone with her boyfriend. We'll never hire her again.

Mom 2: that's awful. Give me her name and i will put her on my "not-to-hire" list. I wouldnt want to be conned into hiring a babyslutter.
by Norma Jean Beckenheim July 14, 2008
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