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A major low blow when a guy is intentionally calling a girl "babygurl" in order to get her attention or to hit on her. It is literally making fun of the guy to his face.
guy: "hey babygurl can i buy you a drink?"
girl: "no babyguy, no you can't"
by shawna richards May 25, 2008
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A baby guy is someone who is a baby-guy. A baby guy complains about everything. A baby guy is mean and rude to people. A baby guy is the definition of a loser. A baby guy is grouchy and unhappy with life. A baby guy takes frustration out on others and blames everyone else for everything.

A baby guy is a gender neutral phrase. Both males and females can be a "baby guy".
Person1: I hate everyone and my life sucks!
Person2: Dude...stop being such a baby guy.
by Jaw-Knee A June 16, 2016
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