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When someone is being a little bitch about something and/or acting like a pussy.
Josh: hey, you want to hang out?
Corey: nah i can't, i'm chillin with my girl today.
Josh: damn dude your a babyass...
by bimmerminisskia January 30, 2011
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when wearing a bathing suit your ass sags like a baby's diaper
kaitlyn: yo ash hows my ass look in this bathingsuit?
ash: ahhh, you have a bad case of baby ass!
by vagpower123 February 04, 2010
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Someone who is 25 years of age or younger
Person 1: Do you see that man over there? He’s a baby ass.
Person 2: Yeah, 22 year olds are so immature.

You basically use it to make fun of someone.
by I’mKickingEveryone July 08, 2018
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