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The younger-ling of the Kabir Junior. Great grandson of Kabir Senior. Although the Kabirs all originated at one place, they all had different perspectives. baby Kabirs perspective was to bring peace to all of humanity by supplying vast amounts of beef and potatoes to all who inhabit him. He helped the Collosians one day by settling a great disagreement, "What came first the chicken or the egg?" one collosian said. Baby Kabir then responded, "neither, Kabir came first!"
should I jump off this cliff? *shakes crystal ball*
crystal ball says: If it pleases a Kabir, then do so.

I lost my diary today, oh my!, Janice wrote this in her diary... How is this possible? Baby Kabir responded "If you truly believe in peace, then beef is coming your way."
by Darius Hunter December 29, 2007
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