With reference to the habitat of a good looking male and / or female household of babes.

A "Babery" is a less formulated version of Hugh Hefner's playboy mansion.

Typically prefaced by the name of the street that the house is located on.
"That is the Bourke Street Babery, where Angelina and Brad met as roomies and had heaps of sex in the kitchen."
by cnrlove February 27, 2011
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Akin to a hatchery, a babery is the home or nest of a crazy chick who wants nothing more than to make lots of babies. These places should be avoided by men at all costs unless they want to get stuck paying child support for a flock of babies.
"Sorry dude, I can't come over tonight, I have to get back to the babery to change two hundred diapers."

"Stay away from Rochelle, she's just looking for someone to help her start her babery."

"You want a stock tip? Don't invest anything in that girl unless you're looking to finance a babery."
by TheTimeLord July 29, 2008
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