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Azzarias are a hoes, they sleep with year 10s because they think it's cool but really they're just sluts. Every time someone looks at Azzaria the have a seizure from her ugliness. If you ever touch her your entire body will become full of aids and every other disease you could possibly think of. Azzarias are know to become your friend then get a knife and stab you in the back. Azzarias are extremely drug orientated they can't go more than 2 hours without the use of a substances all of them, every sinlge one you could think of again. azzarias smoke every single day and have a new boyfriend every week (because they kiss there best friends) azzarias can never keep boyfriends because they are massive cheaters they will sleep with anything that moves.
"omg azzaria is such a slut she might as well get 'slutsRus' tattooed on her forehead!"
by slurrypuppy January 02, 2017
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