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Indicates a person who trying so hard to shut em mouth but didn’t worked out at the end being an annoyingly cute funny woman. A very talkative and mostly got a weird personality at times . At the range between 1 to 10 majority people would say 9. She’s a super friendly and would be the most outrageously funny and the most stand out among other if she was in a certain group of people. People would be sad without her existance because of her happy emotion that influence other. She’s a very super friendly to every man that she’s friend with that she might get an unexpected crush by them. But handles it with good caution and still being a good friend. She is a beautiful person who makes other people’s sorrows to vanish and influence others to be happy. Any people who named as follow are the most amazing person who can make the most out of you.
Hey did you see azreena , I was so sad that I need someone to talk to
Person 1 : I was super excited when I talk to her
Person 2 : Ouhh you must me talking about azreena
by TahiSuci December 28, 2017
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