A Person That Doesn't Even Know A Single Thing, Is Ultimately Retarded, And Impossible To Teach, Azonal
You Are Such A Azonal Person
You Are Azonal
Sorry, But Hes Azonal
by norpeansfora May 22, 2021
Azon. The name Azon has been passed down through mostly Muslims French, and African American people. The name Azon means (A.lways Z.ealous O.vercoming N.egativity). His Natural attributes are: he has a above average penis, he's hard to get along with but he's funny, He will try his best at everything but mostly try to make you laugh, he cares about everyone he gets attached to, he's always good in the Sheets, He got hands, And He eats pussy Hella good. His weaknesses is Family and friends just that and that alone. He's not very good with words but he can show you what he is about. And he is most likely to be short.
Azon is one of the most unused but positive names in the world.
The best YouTuber ever AZoN not to be associated with the German nuke. With big muscles and stuff and although not showing face at this current time every one knows that he is very hot and has big dick.
by Ianbobs420 March 15, 2022
Part man - Part machine, An elite crime fighting unit. Ladys man. Heroic adrenilin junkie. Yesterdays Future: Today
Man, that guy is real azonic
by nathan January 21, 2004