That Az is a lil more expensive than i was lookin to spend.
by smallaxe December 14, 2006
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a fun word to spell in scrabble, and a fun word to call someone.
emily wanted to put a word on the scrabble board, but, when someone declared that it wasnt a word she said "yes it is... heather your an az!"
by heather and emily and julia December 22, 2008
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your booty, butt, ass...
her az was sooo big..
kis ma az
he an azhole
by azman July 25, 2004
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A shortened version of the word that describes someone with a big backside. Also if describes this person would have elite humour and a good beard. But the bunda awwwwww damn it reminds u of 2011 Messi
If she shake her az on the tok, she give it out to the whole block
by KlawDabbe May 19, 2020
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A loving person and caring friend. A rare name in the Chamorro Dictionary, on the island of Guhånu(Guam) He is handsome, daring wild and high charisma. He has strong feelings and twists in his life but their is one girl he can look towards and push harder
Åz is late again
by Åzar April 17, 2019
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A wanna be rapper who is tall skinny and wears a lot of fake cloths they will normally go around out of there hometown and are quite know but are quite laughed at
Swinging this bat arratic az chat but don’t back it
by Don McCann November 04, 2019
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