Adverb - describing something or someone that is complete - from A to Z.
I love my wife. She's azing.
by UrbanGM August 28, 2011
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(Spelled Az or Azz) This word originated in a smoky Annapolis/Crownsville, MD loft but quickly caught on and has since taken on various meanings. Originally, the word was a simple exclamation comparable to "Damn!" or "Word!" If something was particularly astounding, the word "great" could be added as a prefacing qualifier, resulting in the exclamation "Great Az!" This pronouncement could also be used as a subtle indicator that a person was attracted to someone. While walking behind the object of their affection with a friend, one could exclaim "Great Az!" as if responding to something that was said by their friend, but also insinuating that they found the rump before them to be desirable. Unfortunately, the word's true meaning has been diluted by it's over-use as a form of the word "ass."
<Someone makes a nice pool shot> - "Az!"

<Someone shows you a large stack of money> - "Az!!"

<Someone violently falls off of a hydroslide as they are being pulled through the snow by a pick-up truck at a golf course at 3 o'clock in the morning> - "Great Az!"

<There is a girl with a nicely-shaped hind region walking in front of you and your buddy and you want to get her attention> - "Great Az!"
by Cuddy April 22, 2005
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a term used colloquially around the Northeast United States (probably elsewhere) referring to cannabis (see also marijuana,weed,pot, etc). It is likened to the quality of cannabis regarded as "mids" or "midis" elsewhere in the world. AZ is found abundantly at decently cheap prices people are known to also refer to AZ as "regs". The name is said to originate loosely with the State of Arizona, however, AZ may originate at any source, and thus led AZ to become a replacement of mids.

Person A "yo what is this"
Person B "yo it's some AZ you got a blunt?"
Person A "eh, whatever, let's burn."
by Never Ever Fuck with the 860 December 26, 2008
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An exclamation said in response to something stupid, impossible, or sarcastic. Generally used by Southeastern Americans. For full effect, a drawl should be added on the z.
Q: Are you dating that loser?
A: Az if!
by Azalea Aeterna February 27, 2015
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When you are isolated somewhere, usually said in a New Zealand accent e.g stuck in traffic or locked in a room.
Tristan: oh shit! the doors locked! guess were gonna be here a while.

Alana: oh no! Were beached az, bro! and I need to get wet, ASAP!
by Salvia1711 August 16, 2010
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