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Ayllyn is a fun person who always knows how to have a good time. She is fun to hang out with and can always make you smile. She's also really independent and doesn't deal with people pissing and moaning. she is an amazing athlete. Ayllyn is a lot of fun to talk to. she has had a hard life but always stays with a smile on her face. Ayllyn is a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it no matter what stands in her way. She is a very competitive person and will try to beat you in just about anything. But Ayllyn also has a loving heart and always make the best of bad situations. She is a very sexual person, with a great body, and an amazing smile, and she has a great ass!. You can trust her with your deepest secrets, she's loyal to a fault and will kick anybody's ass that hurt those she cares about. she is an amazing friend, that gets you into trouble but in a good way. Ayllyn is a hard worker and over all a person who is more then amazing.
everybody needs to have atleast one Ayllyn in their life.
by track24 January 08, 2015
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