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A shameless declaration of absence for a recurring holiday. Usually motivated by the lack of social credit, poverty and insufficient vacation days. Often the credits are said to be already spent on colleagues. The declaration may feel shitty for the stragglers. The word probably finds its origin in the Dutch language, as the Dutch verb 'axel' means shitting from a high building on friends.
Since their student time, a group of friends used to go on holiday one week each year. They found each other in jigpooping (one of them can poop the alphabet) and, for the less talented, shitting at special places, such as on an iceberg, in a fridge, and in the pocket of a pool table. During the preparations for a new holiday, suddenly one of them sends an e-mail to the others: "Guys, I'm doing an axeltje. I already went skiing with my colleagues this year. I really regret. Good luck with shitting on the most wonderful places this year."
by UrbanFreestyl June 03, 2018
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