the most super freakin well.....awsome thing ito describe somthing no matter what is might be
the was so freakin awesome.......lets do it again
by Sir Taylor of Pants November 3, 2003
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(adjective) Another degree of awsomeness; awsome like a white boy would say if he truly thought something was cool
by thejman4224 August 28, 2010
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Sauce, made completly of awsome.
Used to describe something incredebly awsome.
Guy: Dude, I just bought a Wii!
Other guy: AWSOME SAUCE!
by freeyourmind775 April 2, 2007
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Mother****er, I'm awesome, no, you're not, dude, don't lie
I'm awesome, I'm drivin' around in my mom's ride
I'm awesome, a quarter of my life gone by
And I met all my friends online

Mother****er, I'm awesome, I will run away from a brawl
I'm awesome, there's no voicemail, nobody called
I'm awesome, I can't afford to buy eight-balls
And I talk to myself on my Facebook wall

You know my pants sag low, even though
That went out of style like ten years ago
Spose, I got the swagger of a cripple
I got little biceps, getting fatter in the middle

And lyrically I'm not the best
Physically the opposite of Randy Moss and yet
So preposterous, feel the awesomeness
The most obnoxious guest up at the sausage-fest

Oh yes, the girls are repulsed
So I hide in my hood like I'm joining a cult
I'm as nervous as my cat Ol' Dirty Curtis
All my writtens are bitten and all my verses are purchased

Me? I'll never date an actress, got too many back zits
Plus my whole home-aroma is cat piss
Every show I do is poorly promoted
And if you like this it's 'cause my little sister wrote it
someone else: no ur not dude dont lie
by xXDeathAngel666Xx September 5, 2011
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Cooler than cool,
so cool that there is no other word possible to describe it
1. That party was wickedly awsome!

2. Im wickedly awsome!

3. That ride was wickedly awsome!

4. that guy Steven, Wickedly awsome!
by The Funky April 11, 2007
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