When you penetrate a bird (often chickens), and break the neck before orgasm. The chicken will "shake in pain" before it dies. This gives a very stimulating effect, a must try
"OH! that avisodomi-video is so hot!"
"Can't you accept fathers fetish for avisodomi?"
by marigal November 17, 2008
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the action of having intercourse with an avian (eg turkey, chicken) and killing it for sexual gratification.

(breaking the bird's neck or cutting its throat will cause mass muscle spasms, which apparently would feel good if you had your dick up its ass, and being a creature with a cloaca, of course you would)
according to Donatien Alphonse-François de Sade a variant of avisodomy was to be found in the parisian brothels of his day. It was accomplished, as described by the Marquis, in this way: " ... the girl holds the bird's (turkey's) neck locked between her thighs, you have her ass straight ahead of you for prospect, and she cuts the bird's throat the same moment you discharge.
by Teh Revenant September 6, 2007
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