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The online derivitave of jumping the shark or nuking the fridge, due to Google launching a 3D avatar world on July 8th, 2008 on lively dot com.

a quote from the engineering manager:
"Of course, you can chat with each other, and you can also interact through animated actions. In our user research, we’ve been amazed at how much more poignant it is to receive an animated hug than seeing the text “hug”."

Seriously, if they could just stick to searches and not worry about hugs so much...
tommertron on Wednesday July 09 @ 08:39AM - The shark has officially been jumped at Google.

Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 09 @ 09:01AM - It's no longer refered to as "jumping the shark"; the prefered term is now "avataring the Google".
by VulturEMaN July 10, 2008
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