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a condition that afflicts certain people after seeing James Cameron's Avatar (2009), causing depression and even suicidal thoughts, usually because these people only just came out of their caves and never smelled the roses.

the film's extravagant use of CGI to create Pandora and its inhabitants, the Na'Vi, created immediate followings and wishful thinking.
Usually, the people who have avatar blues think their life is crappy compared to the world of paradise on Pandora. Also, just look at those indigenous race of beautiful aliens that can download crazy stuff into the trees (like computer!). Who wouldn't want to be an avatar just for one day, racing gracefully through the fluorescent jungle and flying around the Hallelujah Mountain.

However, an average person might think that these people need to get it into their head that this is fantasy for a reason: it's for entertainment. That world is unattainable, and killing yourself will not magically bring you at the gates of Avatar heaven. So suck it up and move on with your lives.
by Nicko Davinci January 20, 2010
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when someone is depressed about America's movie Industry.
"Hey man, did you hear that Avatar has made 2 billion now?"
"aww man, now I have the Avatar Blues."

"Did you hear the Keanu Reeves is set to play Rama is the new Ramayana movie?"
"damn, you just gave me the Avatar Blues."
by notasistuba February 09, 2010
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