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a horrible atrocity of an automobile.

usually involves some whacked out modifications, can be known to come as "stock", or both.

fine photo examples at

some examples of 'stock' autrocities:
AMC Eagle
Pontiac Aztec
Subaru Baja
Honda Truck
Cadillac Truck
GM "Hummer" and "H2"

Usually these vehicles are too nice and shiny to ever get speck of dirt on them, much less put a bike into the back of them. Using them as a utility vehicle usually involves having to buy additional features and racks and/or removing seats -- totally defeating the purpose of the vehicle being useful, and/or 'utilized'.

Also known as a S.U.C - Sport Useless Car. see suc

See suv, hoopty,hummer, escalade, whip, jalopy, humvee
OMG - look! That Hummer has a cap-shell on the back of the payload with a sunroof! OMG - and a bike rack on the roof 'cause they couldn't get a bike INSIDE that autrocity if they tried!
by ellray October 27, 2010
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