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the automatic, yet completely subconscious, deletion of e-mail-related information (i.e. phone numbers, names, etc.) that is certain to be of no benefit--real or potential--to humans; the phenomenon almost always affects an entire team of teachers of one failing student, and usually occurs when the parent/guardian contacts the teachers (with only a few weeks left in the school year) to initiate supernatural behaviors that will cause the failing student to miraculously pass the course for the year.

We have three weeks left in school, Johnny has been failing my class all year, and I've never heard from his parents. His mom left a phone message for me today, asking why I hadn't already phoned her. She said she e-mailed me yesterday to find out what Johnny can do now to pass my class for the year. I don't even recall getting an e-mail from her. I must have experienced an episode of autodeletamation.
by pseudonymatode April 27, 2009
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