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austrian words, which:

aren't very nice

not usally used in everyday life

just typical autrian :)
austrian words pt.3

ei = a
er = a
sch = shhhhhh...
ä is sometimes pretty similar to ai (like tony blair)
or just like äääääääääääähhhhhhhh at the dentist
z = ts
e is sometimes like e, but not that, which is sounds like iiihhhhh, more like...if you take the word reject, austrian e is called like the second e in reject
and sometimes like ä

zach (z=ts) -
tedious and boring
it says, if you lose the lust on something

leck (e=ä) mi am oasch (sch=sh) -
exactly, it says lick my ass, but it's also like fuck you

batzal -
small wet feces, like pigeon poop
but in general small quantity

wuascht (sch=sh) - can mean salami, but also whatever
by theycallmeredhead August 15, 2011
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