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"To do an Aussie_rod" To imply greater knowledge than possesed, using mis-quotes and un-authecticated sources to back up your statements.
When anyone disagrees simply go "NO you are WRONG, MORON" (Yes the CAPS are essential for the full effect.
Symptom often seen in internet chat rooms, where people claim to have much more computer knowledge that they actually do.
Asker : "Is it possible to read a DVD in a CD drive?"
Someone that knows will reply "No, they are differnet hardware and require a different laser system, you'd need a DVD ROM to read it"
An "Aussie_Rod" would then add
"NO you are SO WRONG MORON; all you need to do is open the drive and adjust a screw to adjust the laser optics to let it read the drive" (A quote from a website that fails to mention that if it DID read a DVD it would NEVER again read a CD.
by Stu_hte_viking_scot March 01, 2008
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