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a poop-head know-it-all who frequently uses the word "obviously".
After acing the calculus test, Auritra leaned back in his chair and said, "Obviously."
by rook November 15, 2004
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One who has no sexual preference whatsoever and would just as soon screw a tree as a girl. In fact, many auritras WOULD rather screw an inanimate object than a human being to nullify their fear of sexual rejection.
Is that auritra over there humping that TI-89?
by rook December 06, 2004
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It's a unisex name meaning victorious or the one who always win over the enemies. These people are mostly found having an upper hand in important discussions and businesses.
Hey look! She is one of the successful businesswoman of the country. No doubt she's an Auritra.
by Glkhbr May 13, 2018
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