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An expression of disgrace towards ones actions, usually used by young children.
Joshy watched in dismay as his older brother threw an egg at the neighbors house and said "aumbers" im gonna tell mom.
by Dennis Ortiz May 25, 2008
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A woman who has an amazing heart. A very good mom. Loves her kids and would do anything for them.
Don't piss her off! Loves pugs. Loves tigers.
"Hey shannon, you mom is so cool!"
"I know! That's because she's an Aumber!"
by shawty07 May 10, 2010
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a columbian with mad love for emma-though he cannot get her. He gets frequent boners and cannot control his feelings; usually found jacking off in speech n drama
wow did u see aumbers boner today?? he was totally using a dildo.
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