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An aularse-(TERM FROM LIVERPOOL,UK.)-there may be various spellings knocking about-is a person, male or female and regardless of any age or other deciding factors, who is seen to be reneging on a deal or doing something they said they NEVER would.
Pronounced owl-arse.
Known to be even worse than `an Indian giver`, that is someone who gives a present only to ask back for it when they find it`s true wealth, or ask for it`s return if you have fallen out with them.
An aularse is a very low person who cannot keep a deal or a promise as they are too selfish.
"He said he was going to give me the money back that he owes me today,yet when I rang him to ask where it was he said he had spent it on a new shirt to go out without tonight so I called him an aularse."
by Michaelk May 04, 2006
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