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1. A situation where one person has uncontrolled or unlimited rule over song selection throughout an entire event; the power... the advantage.
2. an automobile, or party, being ruled by an audiocrat.
3. Unlimited authority, control, or influence of stereo volume, audio levels and choice of tunes.
Drunk indie dude: Would you mind if I play some of this? You have to hear this b-side. It's a totally rare euro import from some guys grandparent's attic. Apparently they only released ten copies on yoyo records before getting signed to dodo.

Audiocrat: Yeah, I'm not really to into them. Have you ever heard of these guys? Dude, just listen... Just give it a chance and you'll never be the same. Who wants a beer?

Drunk indie dude: Damn, what's up with the audiocracy?

by Ghost_07302 December 06, 2007
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