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To hear in a unique, authentic, original, revelatory, transcendent, creative and/or enlightened manner; especially if one is also able to transmit this way of hearing to others by playing music, singing or elevating the consciousness of the listener by producing sounds. What a visionary, is to sight and images, an audiary, is to sounds and music.
Some examples of celebrites who have heard music and played in this manner are John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders,(aka- The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit), Thelonious Monk, (aka- the High Priest), Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Eric Dolphy, and Charles Ives.
Although not strictly music as entertainment, Ayahuasca shamen of South America have been reported to elevate the consciousness of the listener, and transporting her/him to higher dimensions by singing in an audiary manner.
by fred ressler October 02, 2006
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