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1. One who enjoys the sweet taste of man nectar freshly squeezed every saturday night at his pro Lordi fan based gatherings.
2. Self proclaimed faggot lord.
3. Fatass.
"I saw that atwistedillusion last saturday night during the Lordi trivia extravaganza themed party. He was totally pounding spooge and BBQ chicken wings."
by QuanMan May 07, 2008
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A person who does not exist. A sub-consious side of one being who lives on the Planet Earth who was once a person, but forgot who they were. Some may say this person had a life, but the sub-consious took over and now lives alone, friendless, and something someone would call dead inside.

One feeling of symptoms of Bipolar, but isn't classified as such disease or illness.

Who am I, I am A Twisted Illusion...

As I stand before myself, I try to understand who I am... Flashes of what seems like a life appear before me...
by A Twisted Illusion August 13, 2006
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