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A monsterous joint, that when rolled, consumes most of the bud that was purchased from a bag. This can be rolled with no less than two papers spliff or filling an entire blunt without splitting the outer casing goddie or godfather.
This can not be smoked by any more than two people; inducing a coma-like high that lasts for hours and ends with a trip to a burger or taco establishment.

Opposite of eeny teeny weeny beany micro-thinny
"Hey, are you gonna whip out that atty batty super makdaddy macro-fatty, or am gonna have to light the eeny teeny weeny beany micro thinny."

or a response to seeing a HUGE joint...

"Jeez, thats an atty batty super makdaddy macro-fatty."
by Crackmonkey April 03, 2006
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