the different types of attractiveness a girl can have.

1. Fine: when a girl's body is awesome. The saying "beauty is only skin deep" has nothing to do with being fine because you can take all the skin off this type of girl and the ultimate shape of her body would still be the same.

2. Cute: when a girl just has an aluring appearance. This doesn't necessarily mean that she's fine; it could just mean she has a good selection of clothes, make up, hairstyles, or whatever makes her look attractive. It is even possible to be a little overweight and still be Cute.

3. Hot: when a girl's appearance instantly grabs your attention. Not to be confused with sexy; hot girls can actually have intelligence while sexy girls tend to be or act mentally slow at times. Also known as Beautiful.

4. Sexy: the better version of Hot. Sexiness in girls is a balanced combination between Fine and Cute, meaning that her body is awesome along with everything else (clothes, hairstyle, etc). Since their brains are so busy pumping estrogen into their awesome bodies, they sometimes lack or pretend to lack inteligence.

5. Goddess: when a girl's appearance AND personality fits in perfectly with a guy's ideal girl. Also known as "dream girl." They can be fine, cute, hot, or sexy.
My personal choices for each of the attractive types:

1. Beyonce
2. Rihanna
3. Layla Kayleigh
4. Vida Guerra
5. whoever I marry....perhaps Beyonce =/
by JonnyXYZ July 08, 2007
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