conveying much more than the actual verbal content.
she: Why do you critisize the way I give directions?
he: Actually, I enjoy touring the entire state of Texas on the way from Houston to Galveston!
by daarka September 22, 2003
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The combination of attitude and tone of voice used towards the other participant in an argument or conversation.
The most easily detected and commonly used attitone is the aggressive kind.
The right use of attitones is crucial in some social encounters.

e.g. When applying for a position in psychology, you shouldn't arrive with your fist clenched and yell at the employer.
Elderly gentleman to young punk: Don't use that attitone with me, young man!
(The elderly gentleman will probably get his ass kicked in this case, but there are some elderly gentlemen who can pack a heavy punch. You have been warned!).

Father to son: There will be no use of that attitone in this household!
(this is a more typical case when you're in a oral argument with your kids and want to prevent your kids from acting like assholes at home).
by Laudizz February 01, 2010
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