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Similar to the atomic push-up instead of telling them to do a situp you have them get ready to do a push-up tell them that its been proven impossible to do a push-up with something on their neck (example a 1 pound weight on ur neck)with a blindfold on. then blindfold them, tell them not to push down and to get ready to push down when you say 3 (while doing this have other person put ass where their face is going to be now say three and push their head into others ass while removing blindfold with other hand keep their face there for awhile or do w/e idc works better than push up because they get more ass in face **warning may result in pissed off chump with a face full of ass**
Oh My god last night Rob Tricked me into an atomic push-up.... revenge will be mine!
by Bluemoon11 February 01, 2007
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