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Miserable sports city satisfied finishing second place but never even get that far. The Braves are a great franchise according to people that live in Atlanta but in reality they really aren't because they've only won one world series no matter how great they were in the 90's. The Braves, Falcons, and Hawks are famous for losing and choking in the playoffs to lesser teams from bigger more desirable markets like Boston, New York or Los Angeles. ESPN also hates talking about Atlanta sports teams when their winning, for some reason that's their opinion but can you blame them? Also whenever the Braves or the Hawks go out on a road trip to the west coast you can always count on them losing a bunch of games in a row and not playing hard enough which usually comes back to haunt them as well. Atlanta is also the only city to lose two professional NHL hockey teams the Flames in the 80's and the Thrashers recently. Very miserable sports city to route for.
"The Braves are doing good this year but you know St. Louis or some other team will beat them in the playoffs"

"Yeah that's Atlanta Sports for you, we sure love to finish second place!"
by viggy1990 August 04, 2014
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