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A stereotype that has only recently entered the lives of modern day teenagers.

(1.) An "Ative Kid's" music interest mostly consists of 80's, late 70's, and early 90's. All that good stuff.
An Ative Kid normally doesn't appreciate the modern day bands, but there are a few exceptions.

(2.) An Ative Kid usually finds a profound meaning in every sentence they hear.

(3.)They also have no problem expressing their feelings, even if they're personal. They'll state what exactly's on their mind.

(4.) Most Ative Kids despise illiteracy.

(5.) Ative Kids meet random black people and make friends with them. Often, if the person they meet is male and they can't pronounce their name, they will call them Mike Jones.

(6.) Ative Kids have wierd screennames.

(7.) An Ative Kid always has some wierd hero.

(8.) An Ative Kid rarely lies. And when they do, it's so they won't get jumped, and it's usually having to do with Roseanne.

(9.) An Ative Kid's wardrobe usually consists of at least one black jacket that they wear a little too much. Usually, they can make something that someone else couldn't look good. Arm/Hand attire is always nice for an Ative Kid, such as mittens, arm warmers, or large bracelets. They wear a lot of things that express their views on things, and wear a lot of white belts.

(10.) An Ative Kid hangs with anyone that they like. Gangsters, skaters, scene kids, emo kids, anyone.

(1.) The Smashing Pumpkins, Falco, Journey, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, Nena.

(2.) My History Teacher: They weren't taking pictures, they were taking pictures and leaving.
Ative Kid: That's really depressing.

(3.) Ative Kid: I really need to pee.
Ative Kid: I had a wet dream last night. I thought only boys had those.

(4.) Ative Kid: I don't understand. There was no verb in that statement.

(5.) Ative Kid 1 walks with Ative Kid 2 to a lunch line and sees a black kid at the front. : Hi. Let's be friends.
Black Kid: Uh.
Ative Kid 2: Yay! So, what's your name?
Black Kid: Devonte.
Ative Kid 2: Ooh, that's cool. (whispers to Ative Kid 2) What'd he say?
Ative Kid 1: (also whispers) No idea.
Ative Kid 2: Ooh, so you're Mike Jones. Let's be best friends. (big smile)

(6.) Eskimo Rocket; SDFD STOP; School Meal.

(7.) Steve Martin, or the guy who played Carlton in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

(8.) Ative Kid: We didn't say YOU needed to get your fat sucked out with a bendy straw, Alyssa, we were talking about Roseanne.
by width. May 11, 2006
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