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Itchy, peeling, stinky red face. Normally caused by, or associated with being, working class or lower. Poor man's skin affliction and infection, which results in soreness, redness and flakiness. Can also be caused by having a borderline alcoholic issue.
Did you see Alex Ferguson the other night? looked like he a had real bad bout of athlete's face.
by HastonVilla October 25, 2013
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The appearance of the common contagious fungus known as "Athlete's foot" on one's face. Use to replace such common phrases as "crater-face", "scar-face" or "that guy who doesn't wash his face".
I was looking forward to my blind date with Jamie last week, but when she showed up it was clear from where I was sitting she had athlete's face. I promptly paid for my drink and left.
by manderson303 November 13, 2013
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