Worship of the sun instead of a Judeo-Christian God. Pretty much an excuse for atheists to not get their asses persecuted by bible thumping maniacs.

Atheism + Helios = Athelism
"Im an official member of the Universalistic Sun Worship faith!"

"You mean athelism? Thats not faith; you dont put your life in the hands of the stories told by a bunch of goat herders and fishermen with 6th grade educations. Thats being reasonable and scientific."

"Whatever. it rocks."
by Jacks Raging Bile Duct March 30, 2009
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A young, immature atheist who only knows how to regurgitate Dawkins but lacks any intellectual conviction about athesism. Usually just taking the atheistic stance because he or she thinks it look scool.
Child: "I'm and atheist!'
Parent "Why honey?"
Child "I dunno, I just am - DON'T QUESTION MY BELIEFS!!!"
Parent "Aw, what a cute little atheling. Let's hope he grows up soon!"

athiest atheism
by FannyCravitts January 3, 2012
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