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A website claiming to represent free speech and fairness for Atheists and everyone else but they will insult you and then ban you at the first chance they can get. The first chance usually occurs after you start disagreeing with them, and proving them wrong in everything they believe in.

A large portion of the forum populace have never been on a date in their lives, and therefore they will try to grovel before a female administrator called "smartmarzipan". Due to smartmarizpan's low self esteem, and the other users stroking her ego so they can get some Internet pussy, she will usually barge into your discussions with a bitchy attitude, going off on irrelevant points, and then finally locking the thread when you have proved her wrong in front of everyone and she has a temper tantrum.

Despite claiming to believe in a secular world for everyone, the users at also have an odd obsession with Muslims, and they believe that even though it's ok to bash on Christians 24/7, anyone criticizing Islam needs to be closely monitored and possibly banned in the future. They staunchly believe that anyone insulting Muslims are "bigots" - despite the fact that they bash on Christians all the time, they do not feel the same rules apply to them. They believe it's OK to attack Christians, but Muslims should be left alone, and anyone criticizing Muslims are "racist" - despite the fact that Muslims are not a RACE.
Me: I think we should openly criticize Islam more for it's oppression of minorities, subjugation of women, and violence towards the outside world. User: OMG NO!! You are a right wing conservative bigot who is just like Hitler!!! You are racist, you don't belong in this country!!!

Me: But Muslims aren't a race. You guys are Atheists and you call out Christians for the bad things they do. Don't you agree we should call out Muslims for the bad things they do? As an Atheist myself, I believe we should criticize ALL religions. User: Umm, no.... Alright that's it. You are racist and we're banning you for trolling and being a bigot!! You are such a piece of shit, goodbye troll!!

Me, after seeing that I'm banned: What a bunch of hypocritical losers.....
by pyromagnet July 04, 2012
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