Computer system from 1980s and early 1990s. Marketed under the tag, "Power without the price", the Atari ST was an extremely good system - and affordable - for its time, but the damp squib that was the STE (like a standard ST but with a blitter chip which no sod used and and extra £50 on the price), followed by the destined-never-to-arrive Falcon (also from Atari) caused interest to lapse. That, and the fact that there was a bit of a lack of decent software for it - it lost huge swathes of market share to PCs.

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"Operating your ST computer is not difficult; however, you should learn to operate it properly..." - ST Owner's Manual
by KHD October 17, 2003
A 16-bit computer system used primarily for gaming and known for it's sophisticated sound processor.

Created by Atari, the creators of former systems such as the Atari 2600 games console and Atari XL/XE computer systems.

The Atari ST was always compared to the rival 16-bit system Amiga.

Apparently, ST stood for "Sam Tramiel", the son of Atari owner Jack Tramiel.

Atari has now been brought out by Midway.
- You seen that game called Dragon Ninja on the C64?
- Yes, it's not as good as the "ST" version though!...
by Bruce Lee March 30, 2003