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A coffee-based beverage from the heavily popular coffee corporation, Starbucks, that is not only highly delectable to the senses, but very pleasing to the mind of the drinker, much comparable to the rush obtained from cocaine, ecstasy, or any other mind-expanding drug. The drink has become so commonplace to the user that the drink's title, "a tall caramel Frappuccino" has been abbreviated and combined to "a tallcaramelfrap" after being said on so many occasions after a myriad of repeated visits to Starbucks. Atallcaramelfraps may and will become addictive to the consumer, and the consumer will be blindsighted to the loss of an exorbitant amount of money, time, and devotion toward school due to the pleasure obtained by such a beverage. Creates dependency and reliance on caffeine, and leads to an alteration in priorities. Fatal in nature and may cause user to consider upgrading to a Grande.
Atallcaramelfrap please...
Oh, why must I be forever plauged by such misfortune?
by pastywhitegirl June 27, 2009
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