Euphemism often used when referring to one's deviant sexual behavior. Specifically, the act of sitting in a comfortable mesh office chair giving the impression of working while in fact loaded on Viagra and dreaming of shaven billy goats licking your balls and a troop of monkeys tugging on your shaft while magically teddy bears dance around you chanting "tickle his taint, tickle his taint." The monkeys must obey the Teddy Bear chant and begin to tickle your taint whilst tugging your shaft. This is all done while very convincingly seeming to go about normal work tasks.
I'm sorry, Mr. Smith is not available at the moment, he's "at a job site."
by Definition King March 29, 2005
Used when referring to meeting place for booty calls or usual spots where you pick up random women.
by NFO Hijinx October 6, 2010