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When you judge someone:

1) Based on their astrological sign
2) Based on information in their astrological chart
3) Because they don't know the time of their birth, therefore precluding #2 because you can only type in "noon" when typing their birth information into your electronic astrology database.
1) "Ugh, Becky is such a Capricorn. She's always going after men who have money. I know I shouldn't astrojudge her, though."
2) "Not to be astrojudgey but my hook up has Moon Square Saturn in his astro chart. Can you say emotionally unavailable?"
3) "I can't believe that asshole doesn't know the time he was born. Not like I would waste my energy astrostalking him, anyway, but I'll astrojudge him a little."
by mcfarland genna June 18, 2018
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