prepare to be physically humiliated

a command given during fraternity initiations, military hazing, or B/D(which are really not that different) to the pledge/plebe/gimp
Mistress is very displeased with you tonight Donald.

Oh Mistress, I'd do anything to please you.

Of course you will Rummy. Your punishment is 25 lashings. Assume the position!
by mandingoe May 26, 2004
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It could be viewed and used sexually... but in reality..

It is a statement that you make right before you make a big assumption. I'm not quite sure on the technicalities of it all but...

Assume (v)
6. To take for granted; suppose

Position (N)
6.A point of view or attitude on a certain question

So you are taking for granted, or supposing, on a point of view or attitude on a given subject.

If you say this around your friends, they will think of the nasty word first, but then you can impress them with your superior vocabulary skills.

This was possibly made popular from HBO's Robert Wuhl Assume the Position. Where he talks about things that history books tend to ignore.
"I'm going to assume the position, right off the bat, that history is pop culture." -Robert Wuhl

"I think it's safe to assume the position, that there was no such thing as a colonial quickie." -Robert Wuhl
by Seth³ November 10, 2008
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assume the position: To tell someone to get down on all fours (hands and knees) preferably when they are naked. The person who is being told assumes they will be receiving something soon.
For example if I want to do my girlfriend doggie style I will tell her to assume the position.
by Old mr Fickelsworth gots game January 30, 2010
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Assume the Position is what Matt tells me to do when he wants me to suck his dick and take his load -- naked and blindfolded, on my knees, facing his raging boner, with my hands behind my back, mouth open, eager to put my mouth on his 8" cock, so he can hold my head and shove his dick down my throat and fuck my mouth until he has a cumgasm and I swallow his creamy load and say "thank you sir"
Matt always says "Assume the Position" when he wants me to suck his dick!
by USAF Cadet January 13, 2021
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