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An asspoundee can be defined as any person who owned stocks during the February 27 2007 trading session, when the Dow Jones crashed and suffered a historic drop of over 400 points.

Goddam I felt like an asspoundee when I was margined to the hilt and lost all my money when the markets crashed on February 27 2007!
by DP Ludwig February 27, 2007
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The 'reciever' in a male homosexual encounter. As opposed to the 'giver' or asspounder
Usually a weak little bitch of a person.
The asspoundee is easily spotted as exhibiting highly feminine characteristics, walks with a slight limp and fornicates with other men.
Druv: "Hey everybody! Look at my new Abercrombie and Fitch shiny blue pants!"
Hans: "Wooo... how gay ist dat?! "
Herr Kaufmann: "Come here droov!! "
Claus: "Yea droov.... fukin asspoundee!"
by sid "pwned!!" jogu December 10, 2006
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