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Once known as Buttparade; this seemingly simple idea has exploded into the most awesome erotic fantasy known by any badonk-a-donk lover. Assparade is one of many Bang Bros. productions. Watch for D. sanchez and his fucked up hand.
Nadnerb: Dude! I just had an ultimate Fi-Fi when I saw Flower squirt on Assparade.

Jock: Yea, I saw that episode! That filthy ho squirts on the camera lens and then licks it clean!
by El Jock January 24, 2007
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website for buttlovers, or big butt lovers, here you can see some big butt pornstars like, tushy flower,naomi,caroline...
hmmm, they're some really nice asses on assparade...
by blitzz September 04, 2007
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Profoundly preferred by those in the black community, an ass parade is a large accumulation of phat bubble butts packed densely in one area. To constitute an ass parade though, hips must measure twice the size of the waist.
Tim: WOW! Look at all these girls at this party!
Bob: Its an ass parade my friend.
by Tyler2204 April 28, 2009
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While in one location, often unexpectedly, many hot girls walk past in a seeming continuous fashion. It seems like it never ends.
Guy 1: Holy Shit, man its an ass parade in here.
Guy 2: I know this is why I love our school.

I was just chilling eating lunch and suddenly an ass parade convened in front of me.
by //dcalltheway// January 31, 2011
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