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similar to the facehugger from Alien and the Headcrab from halflife, the asscrab kills you after it used your body, but the asscrab attacks your ass instead of the head

beware of the asscrab
by lifeismuchbetterwithoutaname February 25, 2008
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Persistant crabs that manage to burrow inside the anus.
These ass crabs are tearing my shit apart. Literally.
by Steve Yonker January 30, 2005
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n.) Generally used for a person or thing who, apart from being a complete asshole, is also very obviously crabby.
God damn it, Andrew. You're a fucking asscrab.
by Friendly Neighborhood Idiots February 21, 2005
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A small species of crustacean that resides in the anal region of male humans.
It feeds primarily on semen and unborn babies.

Best way to counter is with the head of a penis - their one weakness.
Dude, your ass crab crawled in my urethra!
by Yuppie June 27, 2008
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