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The ass to breast ratio is the ratio of where the ass and breasts on a female are in proportion to each other

It is calculated by how much the breasts protrude from the breast bone, and for the ass, how much it protrudes from just above the tail bone.

For example;

A girls breasts protrudes from her breast bone by 4 inches and the ass protrudes from the tailbone 4 inches, the ratio is perfect for that girl


Or you can calculate it by looking at a girl sideways and if the ass pocks out as much as the breasts you have got a girl with the perfect ratio

The ratio can differ slightly

For example;

A girls breasts protrude 4 inches and the ass 3 to 3.5 inches thats ok

Ratio=4:3 or 4:3.5

All measurements must be taken from the peak of the breast or ass, in other words the measurement from the furthest point away from the breast or tailbone on the female
good ass to breast ratios are;




bad ratios are;

5:1= ok boobs but no ass

0.5:5 = small breasts to the size of ass

4:0= run away, ok boobs but absolutely no ass
by 88MOOSE88 July 29, 2010
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