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a. one who ranches asses
b. jolly ranchers that have been sat on by one's own ass
a. The field of ass ranching is a very profitable one.

b. One day I wasn't paying attention and sat my ass on a jolly rancher. Now it's an ass rancher.
by snibey September 06, 2011
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(1) one who keeps a lot of booty in the stables. (2) a "pimp" in the metrosexual sence. (3) someone who dates a lot and never takes anyone to market.
"That is the fifth guy I have seen him with tonight...What an Assrancher.
by D-Dirty Buckshot June 05, 2007
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1. Another word for pimp or one who uses human collateral either for sex or non-sexual favors in return for money.

2. Any one (possibly 2) individuals in a group of same or opposite sex 'friends' (EG: Girl in a mantourage) that seem to be the center of the groups' affections.

3. Any same sex partner who is participating in multiple, intimate relationships.
1. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - now tell me where I can find the local Ass Rancher!"

2. "Look at all of those guys fawning all over her - she's quite the Ass Rancher!"

3. "I dumped him after I found out he was such an Ass Rancher!"
by Paradox Smith February 16, 2007
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