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A method of drinking consisting of at least three people, one of whom must be naked, and any sort of alcohol. The naked individual stands hunched over, about 45 degrees, so that the naked person's back is arched with a downward slope. One person is designated the pourer. It is the pourer's job to pour alcohol down the back of the naked person (the luge, as it's called). The third person lays down on the ground face up in a position and tries to catch the alcohol that jumps off the naked person's ass in their mouth.

This can easily be turned into a game (e.g. drinking game of who can catch more or properly predict where the spout will land).
My girlfriend, her friend and I were playing ass luge the other night to finish up the left over vodka, but my girl said that the vodka burned her asshole when it was poured down.
by PasadenaMike November 06, 2007
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Ass luge is a game played commonly among the anal community, this is where the male or female positions their ass on top of someones mouth and liquor and/or beer is poured down their asscrack to the mouth of the patiently waiting drinker
Dude i went to renee's house last night and we got so trashed and had a game of ass luge going, i got sloppy firsts though :(
by tupacalypze November 10, 2007
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