same as a Tramp Stamp. A tattoo above a womans butt in the small of her back.
tattoo, tramp stamp, asscap, womans tattoo, tribal tattoo

Shes got a nice ass cap of a dragonfly.

When I do her from behind, I lke to look at her ass cap.
by Duncan MacLeod October 26, 2006
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tattoo on the lower back,above the buttock
Her pants were so low, you could see her ass cap
by iligirl October 31, 2007
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Freeze an entire tray of Semen, stuff the ice cubes up your partners' ass and lick their rectum until each ice cube melts.
Bob's ass is still frost bitten from Steven taking him to the Polar Ass Caps.
by TOO INTELLEGENT January 25, 2018
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when a nigga is capping so hard it is unbelievable.
When Shant said, “I’m not a shirt nigga,” That was some fat ass cap.
by JadenLovesMollyAndMichelle January 26, 2021
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