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a form of foreplay that involves the male or female to stimulate the opposite/same sex's ass whole with fingers/toungu/toys
male "stop being such an ass tease
female "you only WISH i was an ass tease
mother "your fathers such an ass tease"
by Travis October 27, 2004
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Equivalent resentment a homosexual feels just as a straight man feels when turned down from a prospective sexual encounter.
James: Hey John darling...what happened with that cute dude I introduced you to at the party?

John: Forget him! He was an absolute waste of time!

James: Sorry darling...didnt know he was an ass tease
by Autch-money April 16, 2010
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n. Reserved for gay tops who constantly say "I wanna fuck you" but when you call them on it they back out.
Bottom: I'm gonna try calling Mike again, I need some action.
Friend: When was the last time you saw each other?
Bottom: We hooked up about 3 weeks ago but we speak all the time and want to do it again.
Friend: Leave him alone he's such an asstease.
by FLM-NJ January 02, 2006
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